SEND Quality Assurance Toolkit – Helping you and your partners to prepare for the SEND Ofsted/CQC Inspection Framework

Aspire Children’s Services has developed a bespoke SEND Quality Assurance Toolkit which will help you to prepare for the new Ofsted/CQC Inspection Framework. Using the SEND Code of Practice as the basis, the toolkit is structured to enable you to work with staff, partners and stakeholders to self- evaluate your progress across a whole set of SEND Quality Standards, bringing all of the evidence together in one place.

This is a ‘Must Have’ for local authorities and there is high level of interest. Click here for a list of local authorities who are using the toolkit and their feedback.


Quality Assurance Flyer
Presentation slides
Self evaluation framework sample
Details of costs
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For more information about the SEND Quality Assurance Toolkit or to arrange a demonstration in your local area, please contactJane Harrison

Tel: 0191 3753967 / Freephone: 0800 2707437